NJ Anti-Gunners Trying To Ban Ammo That’s Already Banned


The New Jersey Senate is at it again. We’re used to them proposing and, unfortunately, even passing ill-conceived anti-gun bills built off of their ignorance of firearms and firearms laws, but this time they’ve gone over the deep end. New Jersey anti-gunners are proposing to ban ammunition that is already banned. Not just in New Jersey, but under Federal Law.

The target of their ire is supposedly armor piercing ammunition, but we all know that means they’re trying to ban pretty much everything under the sun, right?. This time though, surprisingly, they’re actually not. They’re mostly going after one specific type of round of ammunition. Specifically, they are looking to ban a ONEtype of 5.7x28mm round; the SS190AP. The 5.7x28mm is mostly known for being used in the FN FiveSeven pistol. 

There’s just one problem with this proposed law. Armor piercing rounds are already illegal under federal and NJ law. The round they are attempting to ban is only available for purchase by Law Enforcement and Military. So this bill is either the product of shameless ignorance on behalf of the sponsors, or just virtue signalling to let big donors like Bloomberg know they’re on his side and a donation would be welcome at any time. Most likely a combination thereof.

By the way, it gets worse. They tried this same bill before in 2012, only it was worse, giving the Attorney General unlimited ability to ban any round of ammunition they wanted, including plastic BB’s for airsoft guns!. Fortunately it was stopped due to its absolute insanity.

Looking to the text of the bill itself, which you can read here, it appears that the legislators sponsoring this bill, Fred Madden (D) and Linda Greenstein (D), seem to believe that hollow points are illegal under federal law (they’re not). With ignorance like this on display, it’s no wonder why they support bills like these… For reference, hollow-points are not illegal under Federal law. Just in case you’re one of the legislators sponsoring this bill and didn’t know.

The bill is being heard before the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee Monday, September 12th. 

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