Another “Common Sense Gun Law” Success Story: 10 Shot in Trenton Drive-By

Two suspected gunmen opened fire outside of Ramoneros Liquor & Bar in Trenton, New Jersey. The gunmen fired over 30 shots that injured 10 people, all of whom are expected to recover.

As expected, New Jersey bureaucrats began blaming “gun violence” on “loose guns laws,” the federal government, and even the weather. They blame everything except the actual problem: the criminals. One day Governor Murphy and other New Jersey bureaucrats are bragging about how they are proud of New Jersey’s strict gun laws; now they are claiming it is not enough and demanding more action.


While ignoring dozens of state and federal laws that these two suspected criminals have already broken, Governor Murphy and other politicians are already demanding more gun laws. As Rahm Emanuel stated: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora stated to that lax federal gun laws allow people to bring firearms into New Jersey from nearby states. Not only is Mayor Gusciora completely wrong and misinformed, but the Mayor believes if it were not for other pesky states and their so-called loose gun laws, Trenton, NJ, would be a beautiful utopia with no crime where you could leave your front door unlocked and the children can play on the streets.

Below, Councilman-at-Large Jerell Blakeley blaming the weather breaking to the drive-by shooting.


A 2010 study done by New Jersey’s Regional Operations Intelligence Center found that “over 90% of the nearly 700 people involved in shooting incidents this year were recidivist offenders. The majority had extensive and violent criminal histories including weapons offenses and narcotics distribution charges.” We are confident that the shooting suspects already have criminal records, barred from owning firearms, and given the fact they already ignored dozes of state and federal laws to commit their horribles crimes, they will not be deterred by another law.

Violent criminals should be kept in jail, period. That is a guaranteed way of keeping violence down when the “weather breaks” or if the so-called myth of “loose gun laws” did exist. But something tells me that when these criminals are caught, they will be back on the streets the same day.

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