What Can Be Done to Further The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in New Jersey?

For the longest time in New Jersey, Second Amendment enthusiasts have wondered if anything could be done about the state of our rights in the Garden State. Well there is much to be done in this state. The current state of New Jerseys gun laws are the direct result of disorganization, apathy, and lack of planning by the pro-gun side. Those days are over. We have a plan. We will fight back. And we WILL win. The NJ2AS was formed in 2010 to finally turn the tides in NJ and we’ve already made our mark by forcing Christie to veto anti-gun bills (the first time a gun control bill was EVER vetoed in New Jersey) as well as getting him to pardon multiple law abiding individuals who were ensnared in New Jersey’s unjust gun laws. There’s much much more to do though, and here’s how you can help!

help fight back by becoming an activist!

If you want to help expose the corruption and discrimination in New Jersey’s draconian gun-control scheme please let us know. Many of our undercover investigation that helped expose corruption was spearheaded by tips and information from our members and supporters. Help us fight back and contact NJ2AS by clicking here.


By becoming a dues paying member of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, you not only help fund pro-gun operations, candidates, legislation and lawsuits, but you also are added to our email list to keep you in the loop on everything that’s going in New Jersey related to gun rights. From local town council meetings to the State legislature, the NJ2AS is always there to stop anti-gun legislation. But don’t stop there! Tell your friends, family and coworkers to join too. Each new member makes a difference!


If you’re already a member, but you want to go even farther, then send us a donation. Every penny is needed to stop the anti-gunners in their tracks! On our donate page we allow you set up a monthly recurring donation. Even a small donation of $10 per month is extremely helpful to us and will be instrumental in restoring our right to keep and bear arms in New Jersey!


You’ve come this far, why not go a little further? You’ve joined NJ2AS, you’ve donated on top of that, are you willing to volunteer on top of that? We’re always looking for people to help us out with things. We need membership recruiters, volunteers for events, volunteers to help us out with mailing, and all manner of things. Signing up for volunteering is very helpful to us, and if you’re needed we’ll send you an email to ask if you’re available for something nearby.

become a sponsor!

If you own a business and would like to sponsor us, then please contact us through the contact page for more information. We will contact you back with more information on becoming a sponsor. We offer sponsorship packages for large and small donations alike. After becoming a sponsor, you’ll be given the option to be featured on our sponsors page, but you will be under no obligation to be listed on our page as a sponsor.

become a recruiter or host a fundraiser!

Now you can become a part of the movement and fundraise and recruit members on behalf of NJ2AS. Head over to our contact page and let us know that you would like to become a recruiter or fundraiser!