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NJ2AS has confirmed through two sources that effective March 31, 2021, the NJ State Police will be updating their firearm processing software to allow digital versions of the New Jersey Firearms ID card. Internal notices state once your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your digital firearm ID card.

The New Jersey State Police began updating and modernizing the firearm application process after an NJ2AS undercover investigation exposed the corruption, delays, and discrimination involved with the NJ permitting scheme. Days after NJ2AS began releasing their undercover videos in December 2015, then Governor Chris Christie signed executive order EO180 to address the issues and specially cited NJ2AS’ undercover investigations. Coverage of NJ2AS’ undercover investigations can be seen by clicking here. Due to NJ2AS’ undercover investigations that exposed the discrimination and hypocrisy involved with the process, the New Jersey State Police began modernizing the firearm process, the first time in 48 years since adoption.

Per the internal notice:

This update massively simplifies and streamlines the entire process. Applicants will no longer need to wait for their local police to print the card, have the police chief sign the card, and then notify the applicant the firearm ID card is ready for pickup and scheduling a time to have the applicant pick it up.

While we commend the changes and modernization; NJ2AS still believes the process is a violation of our constitutional rights and NJ2AS and other leading Second Amendment organizations recently filed a federal lawsuit to overturn the entire firearm application process.

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Do we know yet… if the E-FID “may be screenshotted… etc”, then can I also take a picture of my physical FID card and use that digital version as valid proof? It certainly would be nice to have it on my phone, rather than having to always assure I keep up with and carry with me my physical FID. Like most, I always carry my phone, so would always have my FID with me if a picture of my physical FID were to be valid.

Is it required that current FID cards be converted to the electronic version, or can we just keep using the old card like before?

Roy Vandervliet

The problem with this is 1; You don’t have a physical copy of your card, it is digital on their servers and data base. With one key stroke,it could just vanish in an instant. 2; not all of us have smart phones or ANY cell phone for that matter. I’ll have and keep my card for proof that I’ve always had it, with no worries about accessing it from someone who doesn’t want you to have it or not having any power to access it if I get a smart phone.

frank colabella

yes exactly why do you think the asshole governor approved it
suckers and they know it
fascism and tyranny is what the government is having
we need to know this immediately
or else it will be our demise
God bless the Republic

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