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Breaking: Gov Murphy Bans 2A in NJ, has multiple ARMED guards kick NJ2AS News out of press conference

Alex “Alejandro” Roubian has been attending press conferences with Governor Murphy since becoming elected. In that time, he acquired press pass instructions from the New Jersey Press Association. Per the New Jersey Press Association:

“A New Jersey police credential is not required nor intended for use related to covering municipal, county or state government meetings. Nor is it for access to events, e.g. sports and entertainment. In such cases, an identification card issued by the employing news organization may be presented.”

He has attended numerous events as a news reporter and questioned the governor many times. Alejandro’s content, videos, and articles have been watched and read by millions. But that all ended today in a crescendo of delicious hypocrisy. 

The governor has completely banned NJ citizens from buying firearms and ammunition during the state-wide quarantine. Alejandro has recently attended 3 press conferences questioning the governor about this ban. At the third press conference, Governor Murphy became visibly irritated at Alejandro’s presence and admitted “that (it) is not without dispute” that his office had rejected Alejandro’s “press credentials.”

Today’s press conference was different. Unlike previous days, the doors were locked. When he knocked on the door, he was intercepted by armed guards and a representative from Governor Murphy’s office. Additional armed state police officers surrounded him in a show of force and intimidation.

You won’t believe the hypocrisy from the Office of The Governor that has denied every New Jerseyan the right to purchase a firearm for protection.

Watch the stunning footage where our statist Governor uses force and firearms to censor the First Amendment rights of a member of the press, after already denying the collective 2nd amendment rights of the entire citizenry.

This is just the beginning – please help fund our next maneuver in this battle to protect your civil rights. We have one lawsuit sitting in the courts, but we may have to make other moves to protect not only our Second Amendment rights, but our First Amendment rights as well! Click here to help us in this fight!

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