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BREAKING: NJ2AS filing complaints against police departments for violating firearm laws

In September of 2018, NJ2AS relaunched our signature initiative – Operation Establish Compliance X (OECX). We asked members to provide us tips on government agencies and police departments that were illegally adding additional requirements to the firearm application process, or unnecessarily adding excessive delays to the permit process.The response was overwhelming.Over the past several months, NJ2AS has led more undercover investigations to document and record the departments we received tips on to irrefutably capture the illegal requirements and delays from police departments that believe they are above the Constitution.This week, NJ2AS will be filing a complaint with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and New Jersey Attorney General against the Jackson Township police department for their violation of state statutes and administrative code that requires applicants be fingerprinted every 2 years to apply for a handgun permit. A policy that specifically targets and discriminates against low-income individuals and minorities.Every week we will be filing complaints against police departments and exposing the corruption and violation of New Jersey law and our constitutional rights. NJ2AS members and supporters are sick and tired of being treated like second-class citizens when it comes to exercising their Second Amendment right. Too many have found out the hard way that delays and illegal requirements are deadly – especially women who want nothing more than to be able to protect their lives.There is absolutely no excuse why one police department can process a firearm application or permit in 1-2 weeks, but others claim it takes over six months (or they will do it when they feel like it).Irrefutable undercover videos will show some police departments neglecting to do their job when it comes to processing applications. Even worse, after being compelled by a court to follow the law, some police departments and town administrators still fail to comply. A direct violation of both state and federal laws, and we will not let them get away with it.Help fight back against these delays and illegal requirements, and support Operation Establish Compliance X (OECX)! By becoming an NJ2AS member, renewing, or donating you will help fight back and also be automatically entered to win a Modern Materiel Modmat-15 rifle and a firearm safety and training class!We will fight at every level for our rights and will not stop until our rights are restored in New Jersey!

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