COWARDS: Sweeney schedules gun bills for vote after Van Drew’s Democratic Primary


We all know New Jersey politicians love a good ole’ backroom deal, but it is still disturbing to know that our Second Amendment rights – or what is left of them in this state – have become a political bargaining chip.

Whether you’re a member of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society or Moms (paid by Mike Bloomberg to) Demand Action, we all deserve to know where exactly our elected officials stand on the issues. Unfortunately, that might be asking too much for New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-3) and state Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1).

According to our sources in Trenton, Sweeney used his power to strategically schedule a full senate vote on legislation that criminalizes gun owners until after June 5, 2018. 

Why is that day so important? June 5th happens to be primary election day in New Jersey. Van Drew, who is currently running in a hotly contested Democratic primary, and whose opinions on gun rights are seemingly bipolar, is campaigning to represent New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. By delaying a vote until after the primary, Van Drew is being given the opportunity to vote NO on the proposed legislation so he can market himself as an “independent” to general election voters in South Jersey without facing the wrath of liberals in his own party.

NJ2AS has said before, regardless of how he votes, Van Drew will be held responsible for all gun-control measures scheduled for a vote by Sweeney. And for those not aware, as senate president, Sweeney has all the power to pull or schedule bills for a vote. Once scheduled by Sweeney, and passed by the full senate, it will eventually head to Governor Phil Murphy’s desk where he has promised to sign every bill. 

We at NJ2AS are sick and tired of gun owners being played for fools by supposedly “pro-gun” politicians like Van Drew, only to have his buddies (like Sweeney) strategically strip us of our rights and criminalize us. Even worse, Sweeney and Van Drew believe we are like other so-called gun groups that they play patty-cake with. In a way, we are happy Sweeney and Van Drew have broken their promise and commitment to NJ2AS (once again) and stabbed gun owners in the back. It’s always good to know who isn’t your friend.

The one small bright spot? Anti-Second Amendment activists demanded an immediate vote by the entire senate at the law and public safety committee hearing on April 16, 2018. To them, “action” was urgently needed to “save lives” and one activist even demanded an immediate vote as a “Mother’s Day present.” Because what mother would not want to be limited in how they can protect themselves against violent criminals and rapists? 

To NJ2AS, it’s extra time to fight for our rights and another opportunity to highlight the type of politics being played in Trenton. And, once again, regardless of how they vote, we won’t be fooled by Sweeney and Van Drew’s tricks. We will fight back, and, eventually, we will win.

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