Don’t Get Too Excited About Christie’s Concealed Carry Executive Order

For those of you unfamiliar with Christies Executive order, basically it allows police chiefs to consider “non-specific threats” when issuing a carry permit. This is intended for people who have already been attacked by someone or have a restraining order against a person where they fear for their life. So a police chief could technically give them a carry permit if they fear for their life. But this essentially changes nothing in the State. Both for those who actually have been victims of crimes and those who want to carry a gun for general self defense. Here’s why:

1. This is an executive order and will be repealed the second we get an anti-gun Governor. No staying power whatsoever. The anti-gunners could care less if people die because of it.

2. Police chiefs making decisions have rarely been the problem. NJ2AS leadership’s discussions with Law Enforcement leaders across the state have found nearly unanimous support for concealed carry. The few who don’t support concealed carry, however, will ignore this executive order outright and know there will be no consequences from the county prosecutors. The ones who do support concealed carry will also probably deny permits though too, because they know about the biggest problem regarding the issuance of carry permits in this state is…

3. The courts. The NJ courts are the biggest problem when it comes to carry permits. After a police chief grants a carry permit, it then goes to a NJ anti-gun judge for final approval, and they will deny it every single time. They don’t care what the EO says, they don’t care if the police chief who granted you a permit says you’re the best person in the world. They will deny you. Unless you’re a judge, or a politician, or a friend, you will be denied. This is why so many police departments won’t even give you a carry application. They’re not anti-gun, they just don’t want you to waste your time. Which you will be even after this Executive order.

So yes, we applaud the Governor for doing this. He honestly didn’t have to and he at least put in an effort to do something. Which is far more than anything that’s ever been done for us in this state. But it’s less than a bread crumb. It will be ignored by the judges and be repealed the second an anti-gun governor gets into office.

NJ2AS is working towards real, concrete change with staying power. We want positive legislation and good court rulings because we know it’s the ONLY way we’ll ever getting anything in this state. NJ2AS seeks to represent gun owners in this state, and we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we came out celebrating this as the parting of the Red Sea to lead us to the promised land. We want, and are working towards, real change in this state through Federal Legislationeffective lawsuits and on-the-ground-guerilla tactics to take on anti-gun politicians. 

If you want to be a part of the real fight, for real results, for NJ gun owners, then Join NJ2AS today or make a donation. At least sign up for our email list so you can be updated on what’s going on in this state. We have our head down, eyes forward, looking at the finish line in this state. And we’re not going to get distracted by something like this. There’s still work to do.

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