East Brunswick Is Trying To Ban Hunting On Your Own Property


It appears that East Brunswick is quietly trying to ban hunting in their town. An ordinance is currently being considered by the East Brunswick Town Council that would ban hunting on private property, even when legal under State laws. The ordinance would seek to ban hunting in all areas except a few designated areas in the town. Resident hunters whose properties are not located in these designated areas are not happy and have notified NJ2AS.

Currently in East Brunswick, hunters are expected to follow all the same laws that govern hunting throughout the rest of the State. This of course includes being the necessary distances away from roads, schools, homes and dwellings while hunting, as well as exemptions for farmers engaged in pest control activities. But under the proposed ordinance this would be changed to only allow hunting in designated/exempted areas within the town outlined by the ordinance.

You can view the ordinance here.

The proposed changes are listed on page 33 under section 221-4 (exceptions). Additions to the ordinance are underlined, while deletions are in brackets.


This has been on the agenda since January, but according to the minutes of the Town Council Meeting from February 27, 2017, the town is awaiting guidance from the State Department and Department of Fish and Wildlife before adopting the ordinance. To add to this, we’re not even sure that East Brunswick is allowed to do this. They may be preempted by State law, but there is no case law from the courts regarding this area of law.

You can view the minutes of the town council meeting by following this link, then selecting the video for the town council meeting on February 27, 2017 and skipping ahead to 6:30 on the video where the Council discusses the ordinance.

This ordinance obviously doesn’t go as far as Ramsey’s proposed ordinance banning gun ranges, but we sense a slippery slope. First hunting, then outdoor gun ranges, then indoor gun ranges, then no gun stores at all!.

We are monitoring this situation, and if the ordinance will act the way it appears it will act, we will fight it.

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