Governor Murphy

Gov Murphy to sign executive order targeting gun manufacturers, banking institutions, and insurance industry

Calling “gun violence” a public health crisis in New Jersey, Governor Murphy’s executive order intends to make sure that “public safety principles related to firearms” include the following:

a. That retail dealers of firearms have policies that prevent and detect straw purchasing and firearm trafficking; prevent the sale of firearms to prohibited individuals; to protect against theft of firearms and ammunition; to train their staff to ensure maximum compliance with the law and requirements; to assist law enforcement in the investigation and prevention of criminal access to guns; and to promote public safety.

b. manufacturers of firearms are required to have similar standards as well.

Governor Murphy will direct the Division of Purchase and Property to request all State vendors ascertain whether these practices are being adhered to prior to awarding a contract. The Division of Purchase and Property will have 30 days to satisfy this request.

The Treasurer is instructed to issue a request to financial institutions that provide services to the Department of Treasury to disclose whether they have adopted code of conduct or related to gun safety or responsible sales of firearms. The Treasurer will also be required to conduct this inquiry within 30 days.

Lastly, the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance will be instructed to use her full authority to review insurance programs that provide legal services to those that cannot afford adequate legal presentation and will attempt to ban the sale of said policies in NJ or heavily regulate them.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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