Murphy’s Logic: Tax Gun Sales to Prevent Violence


Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy just released a plan to raise $1.3 billion a year in new taxes. Though we aren’t the New Jersey Fiscal Policy Society, we do object to Murphy’s absurd proposal to tax gun sales as a way to prevent violence.

According to Murphy’s plan, “all gun sales should be subject to a tax that will fund law enforcement, drug treatment centers, and mental health services.”

While Murphy’s fact-free campaign to become New Jersey’s next governor is cheered on instead of critically analyzed by our state’s liberal media, at least one absurd Murphy tax proposal won’t go unchallenged by NJ2AS.

For the purposes of saving space on the internet – or not going insane debunking Murphy’s madness –  we’re breaking down the proposal to three basic issues:

  1. Numerous studies have shown that as gun sales have increased, gun crimes have plummeted. That’s a fact [1], whether Murphy wants to accept it or not. Actually, the City of Seattle of saw a surge in gun violence after implementing a tax on all guns and ammunition. [2]

  2. It’s the equivalent of requiring a fee to register to vote and saying the fee goes towards election integrity. Murphy’s lack of respect for the Bill of Rights, unless it benefits him politically, is striking.

  3. Given New Jersey’s one-handgun-a-month law, how could Murphy claim his proposal would raise enough revenue to fund law enforcement, drug treatment centers, and mental health services?

It’s safe to say Murphy’s anti-gun comrades at New Jersey Advanced Media ( won’t be grilling him on that last question, or even ask him for specifics on the gun sales tax proposal (beyond fluff campaign rhetoric). Observer Media did get a campaign spokesperson on the record, stating that they didn’t “consider that revenue significant enough to factor into the [$1.3 billion] plan.” [3]

In the meantime, NJ2AS will continue to resist Murphy’s insane anti-second amendment agenda and inform the public about his extreme policy proposals.

If you’d like to be a part of the resistance to Murphy’s madness and NJ’s gun control laws, please consider joining NJ2AS or becoming a Frontline donor. Remember, everyone who joins NJ2AS or donates $10 or more this month will automatically be entered into our August Giveaway. There’s no cavalry on the horizon, it’s just us, so join today and help make a difference in this state.




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