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90% of police officers believe that casualties would be decreased if armed citizens were present
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71% of police officers say a ban on semi-automatic firearms would have no effect on reducing crime
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95% of police officers say that a ban on ammunition magazines over 10 rounds would not reduce crime
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Over 80% of police officers support arming school teachers and administrators
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Results-Oriented Activism

NJ2AS has taken legal action against 28 towns and won every time.

NJ2AS vs New Jersey

NJ2AS has sued New Jersey three times and won each time, receiving over $200,000 in legal fees.

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Since 2010 NJ2AS has been the most trusted name to defend Second Amendment rights in New Jersey.

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Your continued investment in NJ2AS enables us to keep fighting to defend and protect the Second Amendment. No donation is too small. We also have three levels of membership to choose from.

We are all the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment protects every other right. If the Second Amendment dies, the Constitution dies with it.

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Our leadership team is made up of the brightest legal minds and the most respected activists in the county.

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NJ2AS Responds to Governor Christie

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