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NJ Attorney General Platkin Laughs Off Allegations of Carry Permit Delays For Minorities

NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian is a well-known presence at state press conferences. He’s interacted with numerous State Senators and Assemblymen, Governor Murphy, and even our Attorney General, Matthew Platkin.

If you follow the liberty movement, particularly in the firearm space, the name “Platkin” should not be foreign to you.

In the post-Bruen world, the progressive states in the union have contorted themselves to fabricate new schemes to usurp the natural rights of their residents. Since the Supreme Court dealt a death blow to the carry-ban schemes of a dozen or so states, the legislatures and law-enforcement apparatuses of said states are busy conjuring up new ways to justify their obtuse, immoral outlook on a population already well-downtrodden. I often invoke to members of the community that your salvation does not lie in democracy (catch our streams to understand this notion further.)

This is one of the ways in which that is perfectly exemplified.

You would think the Attorney General’s office, the NJSP, and the legislature would relent and comply with the definitive conclusion of the Supreme Court, yet NJ2AS received dozens of complaints from our urban centers that carry applications were being continuously hampered, delayed, and sometimes, not even accepted. This ranged from outright refusal to accept paperwork, to vague excuses like “we don’t know how it’s going to work yet”, “we haven’t received guidance” “we have to wait for further instruction”, etc. Interestingly enough, the guidance was released literally days after the SCOTUS decision, yet, several police departments chose to act ignorant of the directive. I think there is a term for when sworn officers act in direct ignorance of a law yet receive a reprieve from the consequences of not following it, but it’s escaping my mind…

Anyway, rather than whine, pontificate, and complain, Alexander and the crew did what they do best – go right to the source and capture them in their own words (or in this case, silence).

They all know who Alexander is. They know what NJ2AS is. And this is not the only piece of content that we have.

When the stakes are high and their abuse is open and transparent, watch as the mightiest powers in New Jersey law enforcement smile and laugh at legitimate, serious allegations.

They don’t care about you, or whether you live or die. They don’t care if you respect them. They merely demand your endless compliance in an ever-changing landscape of convoluted rules. And they are all enforced at the ironic barrel of a gun.

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