NJ Democrat’s “Scumbag Behavior” Includes Disarming Women via Gun Control


NJ2AS members know all too well what happens when women lose their right to defend themselves against violent ex-lovers and stalkers. Unfortunately, instead of supporting a woman’s right-to-choose how she defends herself, state Sen. Linda Greenstein (D) sided with dangerous men. 

Dangerous men, like her colleague Senator Nicholas Sacco (D-Hudson), who are capable of things Greenstein clearly doesn’t know of. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

After watching the video, it’s no wonder Senator Sacco hates the idea of a woman being armed with the greatest gender equalizer – a gun. Apparently, he likes women frightened, defenseless, and “all in his hands,” which NJ2AS members know isn’t surprising for a Hudson County Democrat.

Let’s not forget Senator Sacco is the same corrupt Hudson County Democrat that is voting to make so-called justifiable need the law, but gave his buddy a no-show security job and concealed carry permit, which was exclusively exposed by NJ2AS.

Senator Sacco can walk away unscathed because his comrades on ethics committees cleared him, but he better rethink what he’s done because NJ2AS will continue to expose his “scumbag,” anti-Second Amendment behavior.


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