NJ Highschooler Suspended for Anti-Gun Control Project


A Manville, NJ student was suspended and ordered to go under a psychological evaluation after it was found out he was doing an assignment arguing against gun control.

Student Frank Harvey was doing a project for class that was on gun control, arguing against it, when he left his flash drive with the project on it in the school library. The flash drive was then found and handed over to the school administrators. After discovering the contents of the flash drive, which in the report included anti-gun control political cartoons and videos and reports of armed citizens defending themselves from criminals, the school then called the police.

Here is the video report Mr. Harvey made.

The police immediately cleared Harvey of any wrongdoing, but the school district officials said that he would have to undergo a five-hour long psychological examination before being allowed back in school. Harvey and his parents refused, and as a result he has withdrawn from school and is pursuing a GED.

Here is the Superintendent’s information if you’d like to contact her asking her to apologize to Mr. Harvey and right this situation.

Please be respectful and courteous in your call or email.

Anne. R. Facendo

Superintendent of Schools

Central Office

Phone: (908) 231-8500 x8545

Voicemail: (908) 280-3000 x8545


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