NJ2AS Makes Federal Debut Fighting for NJ Conceal Carry and National Reciprocity


NJ2AS Political Director TJ Maser and NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian

NJ2AS made its federal debut last Tuesday fighting on behalf of New Jerseyans for the National Reciprocity Bill HR38 in Washington D.C. NJ2AS leadership went through the halls of Congress thanking members for their support of HR38 in addition to meeting directly with the office of Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina to propose important changes to the Bill that are greatly important not only to New Jerseyans, but to any gun owner traveling through the State while carrying a firearm.

NJ2AS has been fighting for New Jersey gun owners in regard to the national reciprocity bill for months now, and we are very happy to report that our requested changes were accepted in the final draft of the bill. The big changes we fought for which were added to the final Bill are the following:

  1. Allowing NJ residents to carry in New Jersey with any State permit.
  2. Having the magazine in the firearm be protected by the law to prevent NJ from arresting people with standard capacity magazines.
  3. Having the ammunition loaded in the magazine and firearm be protected by the law so people are not arrested for carrying hollow-point ammunition.

Our most recent meeting we discussed an additional change to the legislation that would protect ammunition intended to be loaded into the firearm as well any magazines not loaded into the firearm. As we know New Jersey’s overzealous government will find any reason to arrest any individual with firearms or ammunition, regardless of criminal intent, while simultaneously releasing violent felons (convicted of firearm offenses) into the streets under the guise of compassionate release. These proposed changes would protect individuals from being arrested for any loose or unloaded ammunition which an individual may possess in addition to any spare or backup magazines which are not loaded in the firearm. 

The changes we sought were hard fought, but we’re happy to say that after much fighting, we got the changes we wanted so that New Jerseyans can FINALLYexercise their constitutional right to bear arms by carrying a firearm outside of their home if this Bill passes. 

But we need your help to make sure the Bill passes. Please call or email the office of Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina and thank him for his support and ask him to please support the additional changes we recommended to his office. Congressman Hudson did not have to include these provisions affecting New Jerseyans, but he did and specifically said he added them to make sure those of us here in New Jersey could exercise our inalienable right to self defense.

You can contact him here.

Or on twitter @RepRichHudson

We are also very happy to report that Rep. Tom MacArthur of NJ’s 3rd Congressional District has come out in support of the Reciprocity Bill after NJ2AS contacted him and spoke to him on the issue. As of yet he is the only New Jersey representative that has come out in support of the national reciprocity Bill. Please send Rep. MacArthur some thanks for his support.


Congressman MacArthur giving a thumbs up for national reciprocity!

You can contact his office here.

Or on twitter @RepTomMacArthur 

In conclusion one thing was very clear while meeting with members of Congress and their staff; nobody was aware of the terror we deal with every day as gun owners and this is why we need your support to keep fighting on your behalf! HR38 still needs to be taken up by the House Judiciary Committee for review along with a companion Bill be introduced in the Senate–both of which we will be fighting for on your behalf. Please become a member and share this message with your friends and family! You can support NJ2AS by clicking here!

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