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Once Indicted for Stalking Women, NJ Democrat Leading Push For Stricter Taser Laws

Last week we updated you on our lawsuit victory that struck down New Jersey’s ban on the sale and possession of tasers. This week? Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature are already working to make it as difficult as possible for regular citizens to obtain tasers and stun guns.

One of the Democratic leaders pushing for these restrictive laws is Assemblyman Raj Mukherji. For some odd reason Mukherji really doesn’t want women to be able to protect themselves.

NJ2AS seems to have found out why.

Mukherji was once indicted for stalking women (not the only thing the assemblyman has been indicted for, more on that later.). We found that out after being contacted by one of his victims. Upon further investigation, we found multiple news articles on the subject.

You can read the two articles below.

Star Ledger

Home News Tribune

That probably explains why Mukherji “doesn’t believe anyone other than law enforcement should have tasers.” One can only assume stalking and harassing women isn’t as fun or easy when they’re armed with a weapon.

The video above speaks for itself.

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