Oroho and Space ask Christie to pardon Meg, she still needs your voice!


If gun owners were wondering who our real friends in the New Jersey Legislature are, it’s clear we can always count on state Senator Steven Oroho (R-24) and Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24) for leadership! Surprisingly — just kidding we are not really surprised — not one single democrat responded to our request for comment or support for Meg. Ironic coming from those who claim to be champions for women and the LGBTQ community.  

In a letter to Gov. Chris Christie, Oroho and Space thanked Christie and his staff for their “willingness to meet with” Meg Fellenbaum and review her pardon application. The letter goes on to state that “because of the similarities to other firearms cases where you have granted pardons,” they hope the governor and his staff give Meg’s case a “thorough review and take whatever action you deem appropriate under these circumstances.” As all NJ2AS members know, there’s only one appropriate action under the circumstances of Meg’s case – FULL PARDON!


With only day left before Phil Murphy begins his reign of terror against New Jersey’s law-abiding gun owners, we must reach out to Christie and demand he take action! 

Please call 609-292-6000 now before it’s too late to urge Governor Christie to pardon Meg Fellenbaum! To know more about Meg’s pardon application process, please watch the video below:

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