President Trump Appoints Conservative Judge To 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals


President Trump has announced the appointment of a new slate of conservative judges. Among them is Stephanos Bibas, who is being appointed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals – which governs rulings that affect New Jersey

Mr. Bibas is currently a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and is very highly rated by the conservative Federalist Society. Though we were unable to find any comments on the Second Amendment from Professor Bibas, his high rating from the Federalist Society bodes well for his interpretation of the Second Amendment. As we wrote earlier, Trump needs to only appoint two more Judges to the 3rd Circuit to have the full bench tied 7-7 between conservative and liberal justices.

There are currently two other vacancies on the 3rd circuit ready to filled. And more vacancies are expected soon as well, so the 3rd circuit could eventually be stacked with conservative judges.

NJ2AS has lawsuits prepared for launch, and the addition of any conservative justice to the appeals court is a positive development for second amendment supporters. If you would like to be a part of these lawsuits, you can help out by joining NJ2AS, becoming an NJ2AS Frontline Donor, or making a one-time donation.

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