President’s Message: Our War Against Phil Murphy Is Working

For the past year the New Jersey Second Amendment Society has been busy putting together the best political team that we can afford. From political analysts and advisors to social media experts, we worked hard for our members and supporters to find the absolute best. We are grateful for those who volunteered or helped the NJ2AS because of one thing: their love and passion for the Second Amendment.

We firmly believe in one thing: results-oriented activism that is tangible and measurable with total transparency to our members. I made a promise to our supporters from day one: I will not waste your time and precious resources on things that have not worked for the past 20+ years in NJ politics. We know very well what the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. One can argue about different tactics and methods but I can assure you one thing: the game of politics has changed tremendously over the past few years and adapting and modernizing tactics is absolutely necessary.

Despite not having the finances to launch the campaigns we wish we could have launched, the ones we did, resolved with great success.

For starters, we exposed Phil Murphy’s promised war against women by interviewing rape survivor Shayna Lopez-Rivas’ story. Per Phil Murphy’s campaign pledge and promise, Phil is looking to victimize women by guaranteeing them completely defenseless to violent criminals and rapists. Shayna, a rape survivor, knows first hand what it feels like to be disarmed and defenseless, not by criminals, but by the very government which promised to protect her. You can hear her story and the incredible triumph from victim to survivor by clicking here. 


It would also be disingenuous to talk about the terror women have to deal with against violent criminals without mentioning Carol Bowne, the South Jersey woman who was murdered while waiting for permission from the NJ Government to protect herself. Phil Murphy has promised he will make it even harder for women to protect themselves if he is elected. If Carol Bowne lived in a (normal) state she, like millions of women do every year, would have been able to protect herself with a firearm. Carol’s story can be read by clicking here.


We also cannot forget about Phil Murphy’s promise to arrest and incarcerate any woman who knows that blue lights and government do not protect them against criminals, because, well, by definition criminals do not obey the law. Shaneen Allen, the Pennsylvania woman who made the choice to carry a firearm after being attacked multiple times, was arrested and under threat of being imprisoned for over 10 years. This was not because she committed a violent crime, but because she carried a self-defense tool on her person that she knew would protect her against actual criminals. A right that a huge majority of normal America respects, but not NJ. Phil Murphy has promised to make every woman’s story the same as Shaneen Allen’s if they ever decide they want to protect themselves.


Speaking of criminals we also exposed through our undercover videos what Phil Murphy thought about convicted NJ cop killer Joanne Chesimard. Phil’s disturbing sympathy and questionable support of a convicted cop killer can be viewed by clicking here. It is disgusting to think that Phil Murphy made a promise that “we will be a sanctuary state,” and protect violent criminals from being arrested and deported, while simultaneously promising that any woman who wants to defend themselves with a firearm will be arrested and jailed for over ten years like Shaneen Allen.


Fast forward to today, I am proud of our efforts to expose Phil Murphy and his dangerous agenda. Our supporters enabled and empowered us to put together excellent leadership against Phil Murphy. Despite the 20+ million dollars he has spent to try to steal this election – our message has reached hundreds of thousands of people throughout New Jersey who either did not know about Phil Murphy – or were on the fence about voting for him. The results have been excellent but we need your support to make this a victory on Tuesday. As of today and for over 5 months we have been trailing Phil Murphy’s own campaign Page on Facebook engagement. Something his own political party was not able to accomplish!


Help stop Phil Murphy by becoming a proud card-carrying member or donating to the NJ2AS by clicking here! Also, we are giving away 10 gun range passes to anyone who joins, renews, or donates! With your help, we CAN win!. Lastly, to help fight back we ask you share our information about Phil Murphy’s dangerous agenda against women and NJ with your friends and family and make sure they vote this Tuesday! If you are on Facebook please make sure you Like our Page and share our information with anyone you know who lives in New Jersey.


Alexander Roubian


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