Ramsey Tables Gun Range Ban Ordinance… Again


The Ramsey Borough Council has tabled the ordinance banning gun ranges for a fourth time. Yes, a fourth time… NJ2AS has been fighting tooth and nail against this ordinance from the start and intend to keep going until it is dead, dead, dead. Hopefully this will be the last time the ordinance is brought up at the town council meeting. Given the agenda Ramsey has posted though, we remain suspicious.

As you can see from the posted agenda here, the ordinance has been tabled, but it is listed as “unfinished business.” We intend to keep it unfinished. Perhaps they are tangled up after we illuminated the relationship between the Mayor and the law firm that will be working with them if they pass this ordinance, triggering NJ2AS’ lawsuit.

Expect updates to follow as we get more information.

One thing is for certain though, Ramsey intends to drag this fight out for as long as they can. We intend to to win though. Join NJ2AS today or make a donation to help the fight. Reminder that everyone who joins NJ2AS, renews their membership, or donates $5 or more will automatically be entered into our March Giveaway for four chances to win a custom IWB holster from Titan Concealment.

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