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Supreme Court Schedules Important Second Amendment Case

The United States Supreme Court scheduled NYSRPA v NYC for oral argument on December 2nd. This bodes well for the case overall since NYC has been maneuvering to get the case dismissed as moot by repealing its own gun transportation laws.

The court is scheduled to decide the mootness issue on October 1st. The tea leaves seem to indicate that SCOTUS intends to hear this case and deliver a ruling, rather than dismiss the case as moot, otherwise they would not have scheduled the case at all. Things, of course, could change, but as of now it appears that the Supreme Court has something it wants to say in regards to the Second Amendment.

We don’t think the State of New Jersey wants to hear what they’re going to say, though. If the United States Supreme Court rules in favor of the NYSRPA and be applied to Second Amendment cases, all pending cases before the Supreme Court could be remanded back to the lower courts. This would be a major victory for Second Amendment cases nationwide.

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