There will be consequences: Governor Murphy signs gun control package


We’ve heard your comments and concerns. Rest assured, our lawsuits are coming. The same way NJ2AS has prevailed against 23 towns and the State of New Jersey (3 times), we shall prevail again.

Nevertheless, lawsuits are merely one piece of a larger puzzle. We’re fighting corrupt public officials with our money while they play with Monopoly money (technically our money, too, but they do not care about burning taxpayer funds). That’s why it’s important we unite as one NJ2AS, relaunching old methods that have been proven to work while adopting new strategies to take on our enemies.

If you’re not aware, Governor Phil Murphy signed a package of bills yesterday that significantly reduced our ability to protect ourselves – including firearms confiscation without any due process and reducing magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

We’ve been standing up and speaking out against these proposed laws long before Murphy was elected. Despite our good faith efforts with legislators, NJ2AS and New Jersey gun owners have once again been stabbed in the back. The meetings, the relationships we have developed, and the promises we were told are all done. The one benefit is we now know who our friends are, but most importantly we now know who our real enemies are.

We’ve been told several times to “ease off” specific legislators with our bold and upfront tactics. The “amicable” and “reasonable” legislators we were meeting with seem to have no interest in protecting law-abiding citizens, probably because they aren’t law-abiding citizens themselves (and we will eventually prove this).  

We tried playing nice, but that’s over now. It is time we ramp up our activism and fight fire with fire. Talk to them in a language they understand. Make them lose elections, hit them in the pocketbook, expose their corruption, send mailers, hand out flyers, air radio/television/social media campaigns against them to expose these politicians by any means necessary. 

In 2015, our undercover investigations documented and exposed the corruption and crooked politics that occurs daily in NJ. We documented how they claim nobody should carry a gun for self-defense, yet every politician and judge, plus their friends, can get a conceal carry permit after two phone calls. We have documented how women were turned down the right to own a firearm simply because they were “too small.” The corruption we’ve exposed needs federal investigation, and we need your help to make that happen. Click here to watch our undercover videos exposing the corruption in New Jersey.

E-mails and phone calls might help, but won’t stop these tyrants. We need you to become more civic and active. Lawsuits merely test the constitutionality of these bills, but they do not stop the constant influx of bad laws being passed.

We need to start focusing on all of the criminal behavior of these anti-2A politicians. If they act like and protect criminals by disarming the innocent, they are most probably criminals themselves. We must prove, expose and force prosecutors to lock them up.

It is a new day for NJ2AS and there will be consequences for our enemies. Will you help us fight back?

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