UPDATE: Ramsey Pulls Ordinance Banning Gun Ranges (For Now)


UPDATE: 2/9/17

Following NJ2AS’ threat of a lawsuit, Ramsey has pulled the ordinance. For now at least. 

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It has come to the attention of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society that on February 8, 2017, the Council and Mayor of Ramsey, NJ, will be reviewing in anticipation of final adoption proposed ordinance 01-2017, which would effectively ban all gun ranges in Ramsey by banning the discharge of a firearm anywhere in the borough, whether at an indoor or outdoor range. They’ll allow a range to be built, but citizens will be forbidden from using it.

Our legal team is currently preparing the necessary Complaint to file with the N.J. District Court in the event this Ordinance is passed; however, we asked that the proposed ordinance be pulled from the agenda so we can work together on an amicable solution without the need for costly litigation. We have voiced our concerns to the Mayor and Council by e-mail and certified mail, yet, as of today the Ordinance is still on the agenda for consideration.

In January our partner organization, the Second Amendment Foundation, prevailed against the city of Chicago on the same form of bans and restrictions proposed Ordinance 01-2017 seeks. We prefer not to put the financial burden on the taxpayers of Ramsey through costly litigation that could potentially be drawn out for years only to result in the same outcome for Chicago in two separate cases (Ezell 1 and Ezell 2).

It should also be noted that in civil rights lawsuits such as the one we will file, prevailing parties are awarded legal fees which means Ramsey would also be paying our legal fees once we win. As The Record reported on December 27, 2016, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society was awarded the largest settlement ($101,626) in all the cases they reviewed.

While the Ezell case is in the Seventh Circuit Court and New Jersey is in the Third Circuit we have no doubt that the outcome will be the same. We will gladly take on the challenge and continue our longstanding reputation of winning lawsuits and challenging ridiculous laws (and now town Ordinances).

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF.org) has reviewed the ordinance and has committed to Alexander Roubian, the President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, to team up and support our suit against Ramsey; however, as stated in our letter to the Mayor and Council we would prefer to work together and use our resources to give back to the community and continue Ramsey’s longstanding tradition of being a wonderful, safe, and amazing town to live in.

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