Endless Resources for Entitlements, but NO GUNS for CITIZEN SLAVES

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Fortunately, this menacing line can work both ways.

Thousands of New Jersey citizens are discovering for the first time the pains of being a lawful gun owner in our state. While the Governor, AG, and State Police have conspired to destroy the 2nd amendment during the height of chaotic times – it’s also providing some of the brightest sunlight on the tyranny of our state permitting system.

NJ2AS News has documented dozens of phone calls to government agencies to uncover what our citizens are going through during this pandemic. These abuses go largely undocumented and fall completely on deaf ears with the mainstream press. We want our in-state members and outside supporters to be fully-informed of these ongoing injustices in the Garden State. Of course, the Governor has banned us from the state press conferences because he does not want us reporting to YOU on these hidden travesties, nor does he want to be confronted with these uncomfortable facts in public. Thankfully for him, the Governor had the privilege of using his monopoly of force and firearms to ban our right to speech. While we are currently banned from attending any state press conferences, we will have more news to share on that front very soon.

Watch our video below to witness the calculating indifference of our State Police charged with not only processing background checks for FIDs and purchase permits, but also with administering those FIDs to thousands of New Jerseyans living in towns without municipal police departments. In almost every other state, the individual police departments have no role in administering or investigating lawful purchases of firearms. Witness what happens when you mix the need to ask government for permission to exercise your rights, but moreover, how they pick and choose what services are to remain readily available as they unequivocally make others impossible to exercise. Is your blood pressure rising yet??

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