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Weinberg’s Dumb “Smart Gun” Law Is Hated By Everyone. Even Democrats.

As many of you know, in 2002 New Jersey passed a law that mandated that once any “smart gun” is available for sale anywhere in the US, then that will be the only gun that is allowed to be sold in the state of New Jersey. Considered one the worst “strategies” of the anti-gunners, they exposed their goal right out of the gate: to force every NJ resident to purchase the only type of gun they deemed fit! The sponsor and mastermind of the bill was State Senator Loretta Weinberg (no shock here). This law has had the effect of stopping any technological progress in the area of “smart guns.” This has led to gun control supporting comedian Samantha Bee to do a segment on her about the stupidity of NJ’s law and how ridiculous Senator Weinberg really is (as if we did not know).

But Senator Weinberg did what she does best while being interviewed by Samantha Bee, lie. While being questioned about the NRA, Senator Weinberg, as always, deceived and did not tell the truth. She offered to replace the law and then force every gun dealer in NJ to carry them and post a big sign advertising the firearm. But hey what more can we expect from Weinberg whose entire platform is based on lies.

As if we do not know what Senator Weinberg will do next. Force dealers to purchase the “smart guns,” create an artificial market, and once they can prove that the guns are being purchased (by another law) and sold (by dealers), reinstate her original law and force everyone to buy them. This would easily resolve the issue with “smart gun” companies going bankrupt! 

Without this law, there could be these smart guns everywhere and the market would decide how they sold. But this law stopped all that. No retailer dares sell any kind of gun like this for fear of triggering New Jersey’s law and banning all other handguns in the State. But we suspect that was the plan after all, using $2,000 smart guns was just a vehicle to get to a near total handgun ban.

Anyway, the video speaks for itself.

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