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A Tale of Two Gun Prosecutions in New Jersey – NFL Player vs. Non-Famous Woman

There’s two things NJ2AS members know all too well:

1. Justice is not equal in New Jersey

2. Gun Control laws in New Jersey are absolutely unjust

Unfortunately, especially for out-of-state citizens unaware, when those two ideas clash the outcomes can be horrific depending on who you are.

For instance, former Philadephia Eagles WR Josh Huff was charged with possession of a handgun and having a small amount of marijuana after he was pulled over for speeding on the Walt Whitman Bridge. According to reports, Huff is getting 6 months of probation and, if he stays out of trouble, the charge will be wiped from his record.

However, Meg Fellenbaum, neither famous nor rich, is facing seven years in prison for having her guns legally locked in the trunk of her car.

To find out more information about Meg’s case, which NJ’s liberal media refuses to report on, click here. Also, please contact the Warren County Prosecutor’s office and tell them to drop the charges on Meg and start prosecuting real criminals!

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