Another Day Another Victory: NJ Pays our Legal Fees for Taser Victory

Another day, another victory, and this check for $39,500 from New Jersey should be a reminder to every anti-Second Amendment politician in New Jersey that all we do is WIN, WIN, WIN. Not only were we successful with overturning the unconstitutional ban on tasers and stun guns, our incredible legal team fought hard for constitutional purchase & carry and won!


Unfortunately, even though this award was for violating our civil rights – the taxpayers of New Jersey, not the actual offenders, are footing the bill. Maybe the state legislature should write a law that the people violating our rights, not taxpayers, should be picking up the bill? I have a feeling life for gun owners in New Jersey would change dramatically if that were the case.

We cannot forget to mention, and remind the legislature, this is not our first rodeo or victory. Per The Record newspaper: “The most expensive case in the documents reviewed by The Record involved the Second Amendment Society seeking firearms regulations, costing the administration $101,626.”

What is more alarming? This could have been resolved out of court with no legal costs if the legislature would listen to us and work together to pass better legislation. But no, they brag about passing unconstitutional laws and that is exactly why the NJ2AS exists! Let this be a fair warning to all, we will not back down, and we will challenge and fight against every single unconstitutional and unjust NJ law until we prevail – as we have twice on the State level and dozens of other times on the local level.

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