ELITISM EXPOSED: Shaneen Allen’s Judge “ONLY PERSON” to get CCW Permit in Atlantic County


For years we have stated that only politicians, judges and their friends can obtain conceal carry permits in New Jersey… and for years we have been told we are “paranoid” and only “specially trained” individuals like law enforcement officers are allowed that privilege.

Politicians like Loretta Weinberg have fought hard to keep permit holder information exempt from public records requests, probably to protect the identity of her friends, and maybe herself? Though we do not know who exactly the 1,274 that have received a conceal carry permit are, the admission of a prosecutor that Judge Michael Donio was the only non-police officer in Atlantic City to receive a conceal carry permit (ccw) is further evidence that we are, in fact, not paranoid nor wrong.

For over two years we have scoured through public records and went undercover to identify, document, and now expose those who are quick to deny us our constitutional right (while they simultaneously enjoy that same right). This elitist “good for thee, but not for me” mentality must end NOW!

To make matters worse, Judge Michael Donio didn’t find it “egregious” that prosecutors thought a single mother from crime-ridden Philadelphia, a victim of violence herself, would be a prime candidate to put in prison and made an example of. The hypocrisy and double standard is disgusting, and the snippet at the end of the video below speaks for itself. 

Stay tuned as we release more undercover footage and continue the fight for your rights until National Reciprocity is the law of the land! If you’d like to support the work of NJ2AS, please consider joining or donating today by clicking here!

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