Byram Council to Vote For “Gun Control”


The anti-gun bigots are at it again. This time in the town of Byram, NJ. In another desperate attempt to give the illusion that something is being done about the fabricated term “gun violence,” the Mayor and Council have decided to pander and give the illusion that they are fighting against it.

Yes, instead of denouncing the sexual predators which are roaming our US Capital and Hollywood or addressing the heroin and opioid epidemic which plagues Byram and New Jersey; they have decided to jump on the anti-American bandwagon with the Brady campaign and introduce Resolution 185-2017. This resolution claims it will address “gun violence” by supporting “reasonable” regulations and urging leadership from all levels of government to work on finding a solution to “gun violence.” 

Ironic how the mayor and council of Byram were silent when Carol Bowne, the South Jersey woman who was stabbed to death in her driveway, was wait waiting weeks for her permission slip from NJ to protect herself. Are victims of “knife violence” less important than those of “gun violence”? They seem to cherry pick their data and ignore the fact that more people are killed by knife violence, baseball bat violence, alcohol violence, and fist and foot violence every year than guns. Sounds silly when we apply the same terminology to other forms of violence, because it is.

Adding more irony to this media stunt by the mayor and council of Byram, NJ, Deputy Mayor Gray, a gun owner and member of the NRA, said he is in favor of the “reasonable restrictions on gun owners.”  As our undercover investigation in December of 2015 exposed, we all know what that means: waiting months and years for your “permit” and women being told they are too small to own a firearm; an elderly woman being told she is too “old” to own a firearm; or a disabled person being turned down to apply because he was handicapped. Do not believe me? Click here to see for yourself. Are these the “reasonable” discriminations, I mean, “restrictions” the Mayor and Council at Byram support? Feel free to attend tonight’s council meeting at 7:30pm at 10 Mansfield Drive, Stanhope, NJ 07874. If you cannot attend tonight’s meeting feel free to call or e-mail the Mayor and Council at:

James Oscovitch (Mayor)


Scott Olson

(973) 726-8867

Marie Raffay


Nisha Kash


David Gray


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