Major Advancement in National Reciprocity!

The National Concealed Carry Act also known as HR 38 is scheduled for a hearing today, November 29, 2017, at 10am!


This long overdue and incredibly important legislation will normalize our natural right to self defense by expanding life-saving concealed-carry rights all across the United States.

If you recall, back in January, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society was fighting for your rights and gaining support and drawing interest for HR 38. Eventually we successfully brought on Congressman Tom MacArthur as the first New Jersey congressman to be a co-sponsor of the legislation. Read more about Congressman MacArthur’s co-sponsorship by clicking here. We also met with dozens of staff members from Congress to emphasize that HR 38 needs to be “Jersey-Proof” and protect regular citizens from “normal” states against New Jersey’s enforcement of unconstitutional gun laws. You can read about our federal debut by clicking here!

We are happy to announce that possible amendments and legal protections will be discussed to further protect all citizens from frivolous arrests by requiring the arresting State to pay all legal fees and damages if someone is wrongfully arrested. This may not seem like a big issue for people who come from States which respect and honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly, in New Jersey we are well aware that many people get arrested while not breaking any law, and even when they win in court, they still lose because of mounting legal fees and other damages which result from the arrest.

The requested changes will make the bill’s protections even stronger but we need your help to make it a reality! We need everyone to stand united against the elitists who want to disarm you, make you an easy target, and demand that the House Judiciary Committee pass HR 38 so New Jerseyans can become like the rest of America!

To add to the excitement we received a call from our friends at the Capital and NJ2AS leadership was personally invited to attend the hearing! We cannot stop here and we need your help to make HR 38 a reality by becoming a proud card-carrying member or donor by clicking here!

As mentioned this is a major step in the right direction and we need every member of Congress to know about the terror we deal with daily in New Jersey!


Political Director TJ Maser, Congressman MacArthur, and NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian giving a thumbs up for national reciprocity!

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