VIDEO: First They Took The Guns, Then Denied Our Speech

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. The government over-reach in the last two months is quickly reading like best-selling dystopian novels foreshadowing our current times. As New Jerseyans continue to be systematically denied access to firearms for self-protection, Governor Murphy has singularly and intentionally used his monopoly of violent force to silence the voices […]

Endless Resources for Entitlements, but NO GUNS for CITIZEN SLAVES

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Fortunately, this menacing line can work both ways. Thousands of New Jersey citizens are discovering for the first time the pains of being a lawful gun owner in our state. While the Governor, AG, and State Police have conspired to destroy the 2nd amendment during the height […]

New Jersey’s top cop: Second Amendment not essential!

Under Governor Murphy’s executive order Colonel Patrick Callahan has the authority to reopen gun stores and ranges so citizens have the ability to protect themselves and learn firearm safety, while also respecting social distancing and health guidelines from State and Federal officials. The same exact way Colonel Callahan guided liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and home […]

Contradiction, Chaos, and Tyranny

It seems we have daily developments in the Second Amendment community under the thumb of this state-wide quarantine. So much so, that it may sometimes be easy to overlook the blatant contradictions stipulated by the highest levels of our government. Enjoy the below curated summary of the blatant disconnect amongst the chieftains of the Garden […]

ACTION ALERT! Please report all Second Amendment violations to us!

ACTION ALERT: we need your help! We created a simple and streamlined way to send us information on police departments infringing on your rights! If you or someone you know is being prohibited from applying for a gun permit(s) please report it to us immediately! NJ2AS.ORG/COMPLAINTS

Still banned! Gov. Murphy continues crusade against First and Second Amendment.

Once again we attempted to attend Governor Murphy’s press conference to provide honest and objective reporting for our viewers and ask the governor questions. Despite Governor Murphy stating that NJ2AS News is not banned from his press conferences, they continue to silence our voice at a government meeting and prohibit NJ2AS News from entering.

ALERT: NJ State Police still banning Second Amendment!

During his state-wide press conferences, Governor Murphy censored Alejandro  and thousands of firearms owners by sending his armed officers to kick him out of the state house TWICE. You have to appreciate the irony of the state using a monopoly of guns to enforce the banning of speech in defense of our gun rights. His reaction […]