Chris Christie

Christie Comes Out for Shall Issue Concealed Carry

Our activism is working.
By making New Jersey’s draconian and insane guns laws a central issue in local, State, and National news, Governor Christie fought back against the insane conditions New Jersey gun owners live under by conditionally vetoed A.3689 and S.816. A conditional veto is when the governor vetoes a bill sent to him by the legislature and amends it into something he is willing to sign. It is then sent back to legislature for approval. The conditions that Governor Christie put in his veto were for New Jersey to adopt shall-issue concealed carry and additionally to repeal the much derided “Smart Gun” law. 

On shall-issue concealed carry, Christie said the following:

This is a wonderful new development, but it’s up to us to keep Christie’s feet to the fire on this. NJ2AS is calling on Governor Christie to veto every single bill that comes to his desk until the legislature passes a shall-issue concealed carry bill and sends it to his desk to be signed. Before you say this is extreme, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California did the exact same thing to the California legislature when it refused to reform its budgetary problems and again until he got his way on a water reform bill. The difference between those two is that in California, a few legislators didn’t get their pet projects paid for and a few people may have had brown lawns, in New Jersey, people are dying because they are denied their right to self defense, like Carol Bowne.

Stand with us in calling on Governor Christie to veto every bill the legislature sends him until we have shall-issue concealed carry by signing this petition. Please call the Governor’s office to thank him for his bold actions and ask that he follow Governor Schwarzenegger’s example and veto every single piece of legislation until they send shall-issue right-to-carry legislation to his desk. His office number is: 609-292-6000

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