NJ Conceal Carry Permit Finally Issued


After dealing with years of life-threatening situations from violent gang members in Newark, and battling almost 3 years in New Jersey’s courts for his basic constitutional and human rights, Albert Almeida has been issued his concealed carry permit.

Albert, a father of two girls, owns a property management company which collects rent from many buildings in Newark and surrounding areas. After having his life threatened several times by tenants who were known gang members and convicted violent felons, he sought a conceal carry permit which requires approval from his local police chief and a Superior Court Judge. After his permit application was denied due to not satisfying the albatross of justifiable need, he filed a lawsuit against the State.

Albert spent years in court to exercise his constitutional and natural right to protect himself–a basic right which is exercised by tens of millions in other states, including 11 states which do not require any form of permit (Constitutional carry).

“Only in New Jersey do the Prosecutors and Judges claim the reason why they plea bargain with violent felons (by providing reduced sentencing and dropping the worst offenses) is because the courts are overwhelmed, but then simultaneously fight honest law-abiding citizens to the fullest extent. New Jersey citizens want nothing more than to protect themselves against the same violent felons which the courts plea bargain with and release from prisons early under compassionate release programs” said Alexander Roubian, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Albert’s lead attorney, Stephen Stamboulieh, said: “It is a fantastic result, given that Mr. Almeida has waited years to exercise his Second Amendment rights in New Jersey, only to be forced to file a federal lawsuit to be vindicated. While this process is slow and takes a considerable amount of time, energy and resources, we are pleased that New Jersey finally admitted Mr. Almeida met justifiable need; something it knew back when it first denied his permit in October, 2013 and gave him three options: which included to shut down his business, conduct his private business in a different manner, or hire a private armed security guard.”

Albert’s organization, the Party of Six, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, and attorneys Stephen Stamboulieh, Ryan Watson, and Alan Beck, will continue to work for New Jerseyans and seek to restore their Second Amendment rights through strategic litigation.

We have are working on more cases and more direct action against New Jersey web of draconian unconstitutional gun laws, but we need your help. If you’re not a member join, and if you’re already a member, donate. We can’t afford to lose a battle because we can’t afford to fight it. Help support NJ2AS! Let’s Fight Back!

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