Update On NJ2AS Lawsuits and More


So many of you may be wondering what NJ2AS is up to and why we have been
lax on sending out updates to you. Well we’d like to let you know that
we’ve actually been up to A LOT. So much that we really haven’t had the
time to even write an update! So we’re gonna run down just exactly what
we’re working on and why we need your support.

Current Lawsuits

Currently NJ2AS is involved in two lawsuits. One is the stun gun lawsuit
we posted about earlier this week. Now we’ve received emails and comments
saying “Why are we doing a lawsuit about non-lethal self defense? I want
to carry a handgun!” Well two points: 1) We are working towards concealed
carry, it is our number one priority as an organization and we ARE
involved in suits trying to overturn justifiable need (more on that
below). 2) This stun gun case is part of the larger equation trying to get
New Jersey to recognize our natural, civil and constitutional right to
bear arms. By getting New Jersey to recognize our right to self defense
using even a taser, and overturning the state’s ban on possession, we are
getting one step closer to the right to carry. Winning that case gives us
case law to use in future lawsuits, so that we can point to this case and
use it to say “if not tasers, why not handguns?” The state of the right to
self defense in New Jersey did not get this deteriorated in a single day,
and it won’t be restored in one day. We will be constantly launching
suits at the state to fight for our rights, and this is just one of them;
it’s all part of the big picture. Victories lead to more victories and we
will continue to build on our victories.

As for justifiable need, we are currently assisting with a lawsuit to
overturn justifiable need with Party of Six. Have no
worries, as we stated earlier, concealed carry is our Number One priority!
As the case is ongoing, we cannot currently comment on much of the case,
but we will be providing updates to you, via this blog, as we get
information, or when it is appropriate to release information.

Planned Lawsuits

We currently have lawsuits planned to overturn: The entire FID system, One
Gun A Month (OGAM), and the Hollow Point Ban. These are all works in
progress, and yet to be filed, so we can’t comment on them currently
without compromising the cases and those involved. As stated earlier, all
our lawsuits are part of a larger equation to force New Jersey to
recognize our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


NJ2AS Leadership has been lobbying and meeting with legislators and other
persons of interest for many, many months now. We have received very very
good feedback from these politicians, including ones you would not
suspect. We have been informed by these legislators and other persons of
interest that NJ2AS is the ONLY Pro-2A organization they have ever been in
contact with. Part of the reason why these ridiculous laws are proposed
and passed, is that there has been literally zero sustained lobbying and
relationship building with any legislators by the pro-2A side until NJ2AS
started building these relationships. Already we have made a difference in
the vote counts in the legislature. We will find out who in the legislature are our allies, and who are our enemies and then report that to the membership.  Rest assured, NJ2AS leadership is in
Trenton fighting on your behalf.

Operation Establish Compliance is Resurrected

NJ2AS has successfully gotten 24 towns to abide by state
law regarding the issuance of FID’s and Handgun Permits. We have gotten
them to get rid of their extra forms and issue their permits within the
legally required 30 days. We’ll be coming out with a list soon on the
website, and will be updating you on new towns brought into compliance via
this blog.

We Need Your Help To Do More!

We plan on keeping our membership updated as frequently as possible with all that we
are doing to fight for our rights. We have more big announcements coming
over the next month or so, but we need your support to make sure they come to fruition. NJ2AS is building an entire infrastructure
for the Pro-2A side in New Jersey. We will not make a difference in this
state unless we all stand together and pledge our time and resources
towards fighting for our rights. Your membership dues and donations
will provide us with the budget to do attack ads against anti-gun legislators,
fund get-out-the-vote efforts, hold events, support pro-gun candidates in
the legislature, have a full-time staff dedicated to fighting for our
rights, and even more. But none of the above will be possible without your
support. If you’re not a member, join. If you are a member, donate what
you can. If you want to help out, or have special skills you think would
be helpful to NJ2AS, volunteer. The machine in New Jersey that we are up
against cannot be defeated without a sustained movement against them, and
that requires resources. We want to be able to have a constant offensive
against the anti-gunners in this state; we have been only on defense for
far too long. New Jersey gun owners are a unique breed. We live in the
world that gun owners in other states are warned about. If we can beat
them here, we can beat them anywhere. But no one is coming to rescue us in
this state. We’re on our own, which is why we must stand together. New
Jersey is not a lost cause, ignore anyone who tells you otherwise, we will
not be defeated if we are united. It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s
Fight Back.

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