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Dear President Trump, Please Listen To New Jersey Gun Owners

Dear President Trump,

I’m Alexander Roubian with the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for all of you’ve done for New Jersey gun owners so far. Specifically, you’ve appointed some great judges to the federal courts that we hope will one day dismantle our state’s unconstitutional gun control schemes, and for that the membership of NJ2AS is truly grateful.

We at NJ2AS understand that in the wake of the mass murder in Parkland, Florida, some forms of corrective action must be taken. Despite the clear missteps of multiple law enforcement agencies and school administrators that led to this tragedy, we heard you loud and clear when you said you want new gun laws.

Mr. President, all we ask is that the voice of real, law-abiding gun owners from New Jersey be heard. Unfortunately, NJ2AS members know all too well about the implications of mainstream media propaganda promoting “common sense” gun control.

We already have an out-of-control governor in New Jersey pushing over 20 new gun laws that won’t do a thing to save lives.

And how can we forget the countless innocent people who have been victim to New Jersey’s confusing and draconian gun laws that have entrapped innocent people to serve over 10 years for their lawfully acquired firearms?

Remember Brian Aitken, Shaneen Allen, Steffon Josey, Meg Fellenbaum… the list goes on and on! We know the lunacy of New Jersey gun laws all too well, and we need your leadership to take a stand for gun owners across America, especially New Jersey.

We at NJ2AS are asking that if any gun control bill comes across your desk, it guarantees New Jersey citizens the right to concealed carry. Without such a deal, there’s no such thing as “common sense” gun laws – only the further erosion of our rights with no actual benefit.

Finally, Mr. President, we hope you visit and become a member and stand in solidarity with New Jersey gun owners. We could definitely use your leadership and support in this crucial time in American history.

Alexander Roubian
New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS)

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