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NJ2AS Takes on Parkland Media Coverage

First and foremost, we at NJ2AS offer our deepest condolences to the victims of the horrific mass murder in Parkland, Florida. We mourn with all of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, regardless of politics, and ask that our supporters refrain from attacking teenagers being exploited by the media. CLICK VIDEO BELOW:

Though we at NJ2AS are disgusted by Gun Control Organizations using this tragedy to boost fundraising and political organization efforts, we wholeheartedly support students exercising their first amendment rights.

Unfortunately, this will not be the last mass shooting in America, in a school or any other soft target, and no new gun laws will prevent anyone with enough hate in their heart from committing such a crime. 

This tragedy happened because law enforcement authorities failed to properly act on numerous incidents and public tips, in addition to bureaucrats within the education system that failed to properly address the troubled young teen. We can certainly do better to improve the existing systems in place and properly enforce gun regulations already on the books.

Additionally, the media pushing the speech of a young survivor at a parkland rally unaware of what exactly automatic or semi-automatic means was shameful. First, fully automatic firearms have been banned since 1986, and secondly, outside of bolt action rifle, nearly all firearms – rifle or handgun – are semi-automatic – meaning single pull, single shot. 

Finally, we truly hope producers at CNN and other mass media organizations aren’t scripting teenagers comments or censoring the youth that don’t agree with their anti-Second Amendment agenda. That heroic young man, Colton Haab, who acted courageously deserved to have his voice heard, not that of an adult with their own political agenda. 

Stay tuned to NJ2AS as we continue to rebuke those who seek to undermine our right to self-defense.

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