The Storm Is Here: More “Gun Violence” Propaganda and False Narratives From Murphy


Governor Phil Murphy is back at it, unfortunately. 

While surrounding himself with armed guards and astroturf activists, Murphy once again jumped on the opportunity to grandstand, demonize, and undermine the Second Amendment in the name of “public safety.” And of course the spectacle began with the classic “We support the Second Amendment, but…”

Basically every anti-self-defense extremist from State to National groups congregated in the same room this morning to create the illusion that our guns are responsible for the crimes that criminals in Newark, Trenton, and Camden have committed. Full video of the “common sense round table” is below:

All of these “activists” were silent when Carole Bowne was murdered by her violent ex-boyfriend as she waited for her “permit” to purchase a firearm for self-defense. Why did they stay silent on this issue? Well, because Carole was stabbed to death and not a victim of “gun violence.” We can only guess some forms of domestic violence and murder are less important than others.

While Murphy bends over backwards to protect and defend illegal aliens residing in NJ through the implementation of sanctuary state policies, he turns a blind eye on cases like Dustin Robalino-Arcos. An illegal alien living in NJ who **illegally and knowingly** sold six handguns to undercover police officers posed as violent gang members unable to pass background checks. Now, it would be wonderful to think one of Murphy’s “sanctuary citizens” caught trafficking guns to criminals would face serious consequences that reflect our “tough” and “effective” gun laws. 

Think again.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office felt bad for him because, as Robalino-Arcos’ defense attorney argued, “he has several children in Texas and he is their sole support.” Adding that the thought of incarcerating Robalino-Arcos would be detrimental to the family. Ultimately, he was sentenced to probation, sent back to Texas, and eventually deported.

Here are a few issues the anti-self-defense, pro-criminal zealots discussed as their agenda:

  1. Forcing Rutgers University to research “gun violence” and package “firearms violence as a form of terrorism.”
  2. Banning all rifle ammunition by making false claims they are “armor piercing.”
  3. Strip your rights away with no due process with a “extreme risk protection order.”
  4. Fifty caliber ban
  5. Pushing for “smart guns” and making them mandatory
  6. Banning magazines over 10 rounds
  7. Forcing every gun owner to costly and expensive mandatory training which would strip rights away from minority and low-income individuals.

Well we warned everyone about this insane and radical storm coming to New Jersey if Murphy was elected and now it has arrived. You can expect NJ2AS to fight every single action they take moving forward and we need your support to do it. Please click here to help us fight back!

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