Democrats Vow To Make Taser Laws as Restrictive as Possible


Following NJ2AS’ court victory this week, which forces the State of New Jersey to repeal its ban on tasers and stun guns within 180 days, Democrats are already vowing to make the laws regulating tasers and stun guns as restrictive as possible to discourage their use in self-defense. Winning the lawsuit was half the battle. Now we have to prepare for the revenge legislation.

In an NJTV interview, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D- Hudson, District 33) was quoted as saying:

I don’t know why anyone other than law enforcement officers need to have stun guns.


I think that our philosophy, our regulations when it comes to stun guns should be similar to our approach to gun safety overall, which is as restrictive as possible.

We were aware that this was going to occur and are prepared to fight the upcoming revenge legislation the Legislature has planned following our lawsuit victory. Rest assured, we will be fighting them both in the Legislature as well as in the courts if they pass any draconian legislation governing tasers. They will be paying our legal fees (again) as well when they lose… again.

UPDATE: 05/08/2017

We made an incredible revelation on the situation. Please visit  

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