Facing scandals and a drop in approval rating Gov. Murphy hosts “gun safety” meeting and announced Gun Control 2.0

Facing a drop in approval rating and internal scandals, Governor Murphy deflected by hosting a so-called “gun safety” roundtable. However, there was one major issue — there were no gun safety experts on the panel.Despite being New Jersey’s largest gun safety organization and not being invited, NJ2AS showed up anyway. We took the opportunity to speak to many of the attendees in the “roundtable” and discovered that not a single person or panelist knew any of the 3 basic firearm safety rules. Not one. For those interested they are: always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction; Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot; and always know what is behind the target and beyond. While grandstanding on the issue of guns, Governor Murphy did reveal his “Gun Control 2.0” package and claimed “our work is not done.” During the meeting Murphy stated he will be fighting for some of the following laws: 1. Make it a crime to make a straw purchase or try to procure a firearm through a straw purchaser. For those not aware this is already a crime. 2  Revitalize the so-called “smart gun” technology by replacing the failed 2002 smart gun law that many claim single handily halted any advancement of “smart guns” by exposing the democrat’s true agenda: making it the only gun you can buy. As we have written before, this law is hated by everyone, including democrats. 3.Require anyone that sells ammunition to electronically record every sale and report it to the state police. Since passing the reporting requirement no reduction in crime has been reported. Probably because criminals do not buy ammunition from legal sources. 4. Mandate that every gun owner take a firearm class. 5. Reapply for your firearms ID card every 4 years. These were just a few of the additional laws Governor Murphy stated he will advocate for. This is our time to fight back and we need your support more than ever to fight Murphy’s Gun Control 2.0. Please join NJ2AS or donate to the cause and help us stop Murphy and his agenda!

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