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Supreme Court has scheduled NJ carry case for conference on February 22nd

The case of Rogers VS Grewal, which challenges New Jersey’s de-facto ban on receiving a concealed carry permit, has been scheduled for a conference on February 22, 2019.

The subject of carrying a firearm for self defense has been a big topic lately. South Dakota recently became the 13th state to not require a permit to defend yourself (as long as you are not a felon), a majority of other states have “shall issue” laws that mandate a permit is issued after a background check, and a minority of states like NJ have “may issue” laws that basically state you will get a permit if they want to give you one after you prove “justifiable need.” Self-defense opponents hail New Jersey’s laws as the best in the nation but victims of New Jersey’s over-reaching laws would say otherwise. Just ask Carol Bowne.

As we have documented in our undercover investigations, New Jersey’s permitting scheme is corrupt and the only people that are issued conceal-carry permits are politicians, judges, and their friends. Click here to watch NJTV’s news coverage of our undercover investigations exposing how corrupt and unfair New Jersey laws are.

There has also been a large split in the courts in regard to conceal carry laws. The First, Second, Third (N.J.), and Fourth Circuits have upheld arbitrary and restrictive laws and policies, while the Seventh, Ninth, and D.C. Circuits  have struck them down.

While 23 States have submitted an Amici Curiae opposing New Jersey’s overreaching and draconian conceal carry laws, the State of New Jersey refused to respond to the lawsuit. We can speculate why they waived their right to respond but here are a few possibilities:

  1. The Justices will not ask New Jersey to provide a response and deny the review based on the fact a response was not provided. 
  2. One of the Justices requests a response from New Jersey which ultimately gives the State more time to respond.
  3. New Jersey is intentionally stalling the process so the case is heard and decided in the heart of the 2020 election and if New Jersey loses the Left will blame Trump (due to his appointments of new Justices) for loosening gun laws and America is going to become the “Wild West.”

Regardless of the reasoning the reality is the Supreme Court denies 99% of petitions that come before the court. The Drake case was the last case that challenged New Jersey’s “justifiable need” law and it was rescheduled for Conference 3 times and was ultimately turned down in 2013. The United States Supreme Court has not taken a Second Amendment case in years but recently had a shift when it agreed to take a case that challenges a New York City law that limits residents from transporting their guns outside of their homes. This was mostly likely caused by Justice Kennedy being replaced by Justice Kavanaugh.

Stay tuned as we cover this case and provide you immediate coverage.

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