Hero vs. Political Shill


Saving countless young lives, Deputy Blaine Gaskill (pictured on the left) stopped a school shooting within seconds. Deputy Gaskill, who is an armed school resource officer (aka a “good guy with a gun”), responded swiftly when a bad guy with a gun (aka a criminal who does not obey the law) opened fire at Maryland’s Great Mills High School.

While the mainstream media calls “BS” when they hear about a “good guy with a gun,” and then tell us it’s just a “theory,” we all know what the real “theory” they’re shoving down our throats is – gun-free zones. 

It’s truly sad that the anti-gun bigots believe magical “gun-free” stickers will protect our children, but it’s much more disturbing they’re advocating for innocent students to be defenseless at school so they can push their ultimate agenda – banning all guns.

Sheriff Scott Israel (pictured on right) is no exception to this. While Sheriff Israel shills for the anti-gun lobby, he also uses tragedies like the Parkland tragedy to promote himself and other interests on television. And how can we possibly forget that, while Sheriff Israel deflected on his department’s incompetence and negligence to respond to children being murdered, his solution was to create more laws against law-abiding citizens.

That’s the “excellent leadership” you can expect from political shills like Sheriff Israel, but it’s good to know the majority of law enforcement officers and gun owners in America are like Deputy Gaskill – ready to take action when in a position to do something. The facts and evidence are very clear: Deputy Gaskill was a good guy with a gun and saved countless lives by responding swiftly to a bad guy. Period. It is irrelevant what type of weapon the bad guy had possession of. 

On the other hand, deputies working under the leadership of Sheriff Israel sat on the sidelines while a bad guy murdered 17 innocent children and school administrators. Like a political hack, he used the opportunity to promote himself and advocate for more laws and more “gun free” stickers to protect schools. “We call BS!!!”

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