NJ Attorney General Surrenders. Agrees Stun Gun Ban Unconstitutional


In another NJ2AS lawsuit victory, the New Jersey Attorney, General Christopher S. Porrino, has agreed with NJ2AS that New Jersey’s ban on stun guns is unconstitutional.

The Attorney General has asked the court to grant a stay on the law, so that New Jersey and the State Police have time to repeal the law and put in place regulations to allow the lawful purchase and possession of stun guns and tasers in the State of New Jersey. It is still unknown at this time if they are going to allow the the permitless carry of stun guns and tasers, though. 

The NJ2AS legal and leadership team believes that the reason the Attorney General acted in this manner was to spare the embarrassment of a loss, due to the strength our case, and has decided to try to settle outside of court. 

Notable quotes from the case:

The Supreme Court of the United States recently
suggested that stun guns fall under the ambit of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. See Caetano v. Massachussetts, 577 U.S. ____, 136 S. Ct. 1027, 1027-1028 (2016). Thus, Defendants recognize that an outright ban on the possession of stun guns within a state, regardless of the contextual circumstances surrounding any such possession, would likely not pass constitutional muster.

The full settlement letter can be read in full here.

The NJ2AS leadership and legal team will be providing further updates on this case as we receive more information.

This is all part of a long term plan to get New Jersey to become a right-to-carry state.

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