Update on Meg Fellenbaum Case


Many people have been asking questions in regard to the Meg Fellenbaum case we posted over a week ago. We now have further information to relay to our supporters regarding the case.

Many people have inquired to us about this story since they cannot find it anywhere else on the web. That is because NJ2AS broke the story since no other media outlet would cover it. You can read the original story by clicking here. Currently there is limited information available on this case because the Warren County Prosecutor’s office refuses to release any information on the case with the ability to redact or edit the information prior to release. The above picture is the letter sent to Meg’s lawyer by the Warren County prosecutors office. 

Reading the above, you’ll see that ALL relevant info regarding her case is essentially blocked from release to the public. The most relevant of all information being the dashcam and police station footage. We are asking our supporters to call the Warren County Prosecutor’s office, politely and respectfully, to demand that they:

  1. Release the tapes of the incident
  2. Drop all charges against Ms. Fellenbaum
  3. Return her firearms to her

You can contact the Warren County Prosecutor’s office here:

Phone: (908) 475-6275

This is their website for any other further information

Fundraising Questions

Many people have asked why we are fundraising on behalf of Ms. Fellenbaum.


The above picture illustrates why NJ2AS is crowdfunding on behalf of Ms. Fellenbaum. Her GoFundMe page was blocked and taken down because her case involves firearms. There is even deeper concern inside GoFundMe’s terms in conditions related to payment processing in regard to payment processing. NJ2AS and lawyers we’ve spoken to have a suspicion that this is related to the Obama Administration’s infamous Operation Chokepoint program that has been forcing banks to stop working with gun stores, manufacturers, and others involved in the firearms industry. Because of GoFundMe’s failure, NJ2AS has decided to step in to fundraise on her behalf. 

If you’d like to contribute to the fund to help Ms. Fellenbaum, you can donate here.

NJ2AS will continue to provide updates on this case as more information becomes available.

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