Recent Terror Attacks Highlight Need For Concealed Carry in NJ


Recent attacks in Minnesota, New York and even our own home state of New Jersey show the urgent need for New Jersey to adopt shall issue concealed carry and once and for all end the absurd New Jersey standard of “justifiable need”.

In Minnesota an allegedly ISIS inspired madman went on a stabbing spree where he wounded 9 people before being stopped by an armed citizen. The Crossroads mall in St. Cloud MN was actually a gun free zone, fortunately however, the signs were ignored by Jason Falconer, a firearms instructor and competition shooter, and he was able to stop the attacker before he could do any more damage. Had this attack been in New Jersey, there would have been no one there to stop him until police arrived on the scene. This is due to New Jersey’s horrendous practice of requiring “justifiable need” in order to receive a permit to carry a handgun. As we all know, there is no such thing as justifiable need for the average citizen in New Jersey. The only thing that appears to satisfy justifiable need is political connections. 

But after New Jersey itself was attacked on Saturday, in Seaside Heights, and today in Elizabeth and Linden does each citizen in New Jersey have justifiable need now? Our state has been attacked, by terrorists, is our fear of terrorism and desire to protect ourselves justifiable now? None of these questions should even have to be asked though, because we have a natural, civil and constitutional right to bear arms, and should not have to provide any “justifiable need” to exercise that right. New Jersey needs to adopt shall-issue concealed carry now, to finally recognize its citizens rights to defend their lives in public. 

If you want to be a part of the movement to bring concealed carry to New Jersey, join NJ2AS today, and become one of the gun owners in New Jersey who is fighting back against the anti-gunners in Trenton!

Click here to sign the petition demanding Governor Chris Christie support right to carry legislation now!

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