UPDATE: NJ Law and Public Safety Committee Unanimously Votes to Double Ban Specific Armor Piercing Round That Is Already Illegal


You read that right.

The New Jersey Law and Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to send a bill, banning a round of ammunition that is already banned, to a full hearing in the Senate.

As the picture above shows, the round is already illegal for non military and law enforcement personnel. Despite this fact, the sponsor of the bill, Fred Madden (D) , says that this law is necessary to keep these rounds off the streets. Of course, since these rounds are already illegal, if they’re on the streets now, all that proves is that criminals do not follow the current laws banning their sale and possession.

Surely double banning them will stop their alleged proliferation on the streets.

And if not, I’m sure they’ll go for the holy mother herself.

The legendary triple ban.

So rare that it itself is banned…

We will keep you updated on any new developments regarding this bill.

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