Supreme Court Reschedules Concealed Carry Case. Again…


 UPDATE: 4/24/2017 – 2:30 PM

It appears we missed something. Today’s order list indicated that Justice Gorsuch did not participate in many of the cases again. Though he did participate in some. This could mean, as we indicated in the article, that Justice Gorsuch has still not read the Peruta case in his attempts to catch up with the rest of the court, which could be why it continues to be rescheduled.

For the past two weeks NJ2AS has been watching a case that the US Supreme Court could take up that could restore our concealed carry rights here in NJ. Today we were expecting news about whether or not the court would take the case, however, it appears that in the last minute before the conference, the case was rescheduled to another conference. Again. The good news is that the court is still considering the case, however we are concerned about the serial rescheduling.

You can follow the case on the Supreme Court’s website by clicking this link  

As we mentioned previously. Neil Gorsuch is still playing catch-up with the over 200 cases he has to read since being thrown into an active court term. The case could be being rescheduled simply because the new Justice Gorsuch hasn’t yet read it and is still behind the curve on all of the courts work. He still doesn’t even have a full staff yet to help him read through everything. Still, we remain concerned. 

The Supreme Court did this same rescheduling theater before with two other gun cases, including the Drake case which was a lawsuit specifically against the State of New Jersey and its unconstitutional justifiable need requirement to carry a handgun. NJ2AS is remaining cautiously optimistic about the SCOTUS taking this case though. It simply has to answer the question of whether the Second Amendment extends outside the home, and keep the lower courts in line on the issues. Currently there is a disagreement on the issue in the lower courts, and the Supreme Court needs to answer this to clear it up.

No matter what happens, NJ2AS has its own lawsuits planned as well. If this ruling goes in our favor, we’ll have even more ammunition to use against the anti-gunners in court. We’re going to restore our Second Amendment rights in New Jersey no matter what it takes. If you want to be a part of the fight, make sure to join today, or make a donation. Everyone who joins NJ2AS, renews their membership or donates $20 or more will automatically be entered into our April Giveaway for a chance to win a MODMAT-15 Rifle from Modern Materiel. So join today! Help the fight and get a chance to win an awesome rifle!

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