Supreme Court Reschedules Concealed Carry Case For Eighth Time


The Supreme Court put off the Peruta case, which could restore concealed carry in NJif taken up, again this morning. Second Amendment advocates are eagerly watching the courts to see what the court will do with this case, because if the court were to strike down California concealed carry laws, New Jersey’s would be on the chopping block as well.

The Court has rescheduled the case for their conference on the 25th of May. We will not know the results of that conference until the following Monday.

Previously we mentioned a number of reasons why they could be rescheduling the case repeatedly, including:

1) New Justice Neil Gorsuch is still playing catch-up reading the over 200 cases the court was reviewing when he was confirmed to the court and has not yet read Peruta. This seems less likely since the case actually made it to conference last Friday and was not rescheduled beforehand.

2) There are 3 justices that want to take the case, out of the four necessary, and there is haggling over the votes.

3) There are 4 justices who want to take the case, but are doing their due diligence to see if they can get to the magic number 5 to overturn it.

4) The case is being denied and the Justices who wanted to take it are writing a lengthy dissent.

These reasons, however, make less sense now considering that this is the eight time that the SCOTUS has rescheduled this case for conference to decide whether or not to hear the case… We are remaining optimistic though considering that the Supreme Court has not taken a Second Amendment Case since 2010 and still needs to answer many questions about the Second Amendment.

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