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90% of police officers believe that casualties would be decreased if armed citizens were present
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71% of police officers say a ban on semi-automatic firearms would have no effect on reducing crime
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95% of police officers say that a ban on ammunition magazines over 10 rounds would not reduce crime
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Over 80% of police officers support arming school teachers and administrators
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NJ2AS has taken legal action against 28 towns and won every time.

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NJ2AS has sued New Jersey three times and won each time, receiving over $200,000 in legal fees.

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Breaking: Gov Murphy Bans 2A in NJ, has multiple ARMED guards kick NJ2AS News out of press conference

Alex “Alejandro” Roubian has been attending press conferences with Governor Murphy since becoming elected. In that time, he acquired press...

Gov. Murphy Admits Denying Press Credentials For NJ2AS News – Hates First Amendment as well!

Governor Murphy, who’s taken our Second Amendment rights away, told NJ2AS News (on 03/27/2020) they shouldn’t have First Amendment rights....

Murphy Only gov should have guns

Gov. Murphy says NJ “safer” without guns – the viral confrontation and commentary!

We always knew the argument from NJ politicians was nonsense – “they hate guns!” — this is PATENTLY untrue.  Statists...

Murphy Only gov should have guns

Governor Murphy: Only government should have guns

We always knew the argument from NJ politicians was nonsense – “they hate guns!” — this is PATENTLY untrue.  Statists...

Forcing gun stores to close, Gov. Murphy gibes gun owner: “YOU GOT TIME ON YOUR HANDS, OBVIOUSLY!”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy came out with Executive Order 107 closing all businesses, except those that he believed were...

Governor Murphy

BREAKING: NJ2AS and SAF File Federal Lawsuit Against Gov. Murphy’s Closure of Gun Stores

On March 23, 2020, at approximately 2:55AM EST, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society and the Second Amendment Foundation filed...

New Brunswick Police Halt Gun Permits! Quickly reverse policy after NJ2AS visit!

The city of New Brunswick, NJ, halted the ability for residents to apply for a firearm permit claiming the fingerprinting...

“Red Flag” Lawsuit Update and is NJ Following Court Rules?

Judge Martinotti has rendered a decision for a preliminary injunction against New Jersey’s “Red Flag” law that is unconstitutional and...


My good friend and proud NJ2AS Life Member, Anthony Colandro, is running for re-election to the NRA Board of Directors...

“Red Flag” lawsuit: Judge makes jaw-dropping opening statement in NJ “red flag” lawsuit!

Everything you need to know about New Jersey’s unconstitutional “red flag” law which is being used to take innocent people’s...