NJ2AS Delivers Victory for Jackson Township Residents! Is Your Town Next?

Will you help us build momentum for our next victory?  As we recently shared, Jackson Township Chief of Police Matthew Kunz was requiring Jackson residents to submit fingerprints every two years in order to obtain subsequent firearms permits, even though state law only requires submitting fingerprints once. Last night NJ2AS attended the Jackson Township Council meeting to publicly […]

Jackson Council meeting

Jackson Township Council meeting: Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 7:30 p.m. Jackson Township Municipal Building, 95 W Veterans HighwayJackson, NJ 08527

Another “Common Sense Gun Law” Success Story: 10 Shot in Trenton Drive-By

Two suspected gunmen opened fire outside of Ramoneros Liquor & Bar in Trenton, New Jersey. The gunmen fired over 30 shots that injured 10 people, all of whom are expected to recover. As expected, New Jersey bureaucrats began blaming “gun violence” on “loose guns laws,” the federal government, and even the weather. They blame everything except the actual […]

Complaint filed against Jackson Township Police Department for violating NJ firearm laws

Our citizen advocates have alerted us that Chief Kunz is arbitrarily requiring firearm applicants to submit their fingerprints for a handgun permit if it has been more than two years since they last provided them. Chief Kunz is brazenly not following New Jersey state law, administration code and guidelines and undermining the Second Amendment freedoms […]

Attorney General Finally Responds to Supreme Court Conceal Carry Case

The entire response from the NJ Attorney General’s office can be read by clicking here. According to Attorney General Grewal the “justifiable need” standard does not violate the Constitution because government agents are allowed to carry firearms while on duty and it is hypothetically possible for someone to get a carry permit so it is ok. […]